Leather Lifting Grips from Wahlanders

Wahlanders leather lifting grips are the perfect accessory to your gym equipment. Use the leather lifting straps for a wide variety of fitness exercises such as lat pulldowns, rows, dumbell work etc. They are manufactured to be the ideal assist for deadlifts and gain more popularity within the bodybuilding community for back and chest exercises.

Lifting Grips or traditional Lifting Straps?

All round gym lovers favor these straps over traditional lifting straps due to their fast and easy usage. You grab the bar and pull!

Why should I use Leather Lifting Grips

The premium leather feels smooth around your wrists and molds in the shape of your hands resulting in a smooth fit. Due to the premium leather quality, maximum grip strength is guaranteed. The Wahlanders leather lifting grips get even better over time when you wear them in! The leather of the handmade straps is sewed together carefully for optimum durability. A small weight is added to the end of the leather grip to ensure quick usage. Velcro wraps the lifting grips around your wrist to improve usability of the product.

By taking the forearms and biceps out of the equation you will get the best contractions on your pull day without having to set your straps every set!

Lifting Grips Main features:

  • Faster to setup than traditional straps
  • Velcro Straps fully made out of leather
  • Also provides wrist support



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