Are you looking for your next addition to your (home) gym? These deadlift blocks are perfect for a wide variety of exercises. Use the blocks for heavy block pulls, deficit deadlifts or as an elevation for split squats. The deadlift blocks are 50x50x5cm (length/width/height). They are also stackable so they can also be used as a 5 or 10cm deficit.

The blocks are handmade in the Netherlands. Quality materials are used to provide a strong base. The underlayer is made from wooden plates to provide stability during your strength training. A rubber layer is put on top of the blocks to ensure proper dampening when you drop the bar. Handy wooden bars are added on the blocks so the barbell will not roll off of the blocks.

On top of this the blocks are stackable! This gives you the opportunity to use the blocks for deficit deadlifts or as an elevation for single leg exercises and other step exercises. Additionally the blocks will not use up a lot of space when stored.

Deadlift Block Usage

Why would you use deadlift blocks during your training? The variety of exercises are a great addition to your strength routine.

  • Block pulls (or block deadlifts) are used to develop deadlift strength in the top-end range of motion of your deadlifts. This can be used for sumo as well as conventional deadlifts. If you struggle with your lock-out during deadlifts this exercise can help you fix it! You will target your glutes and low/mid back. A single deadlift block can be used for a small deficit, two blocks can be used for a large deficit. 
  • Deficit deadlifts create a longer range of motion during deadlifts. Doing this exercise is great for building posterior chain strength with a focus on improving lower back strength. If your weakest point of a lift is just off the floor this exercise helps you to improve your lift.
  • For Elevated single leg exercises use the stackable deadlift blocks. You target your glutes when elevating your back foot during elevated split squats.

Use these deadlift blocks for the best back, leg and glute training! Ideal for powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding or the all round fitness lover.

Note that the shipping time might be a little longer for this product because it is especially made for you. Estimated shipping time is 2-4 days.



Our home brand powerlifting gear! Unique graphic deadlift socks made in the Netherlands.
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