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Barefoot feel, wide toe box, with uncompromising grip and comfort. Sumo Sole Gen 3 will be available on Friday, April…


@alphadreyy & @mr._handstand lifting big weights using the best powerlifting gear. Check out the Wahlanders belt & Notorious Lift slippers…


SSG3 by @notorious_lift Stay tuned.


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We are dedicated to providing powerlifters and strength enthusiasts with only the best equipment and brands on the market.

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De Powerlifting Shop | The Best Powerlifting Brands To Get Stronger

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De Powerlifting Shop offers the strongest brands to power your performance and improve your squat, bench and deadlift. Powerlifters and strength athletes trust our brands as the best powerlifting brands on the market. From Notorious Lift slippers and Sabosports shoes to Wahlanders belts and New Age Performance Mouthpieces, we have it all. We also offer unique products such as personalized belts, limited leather lifting straps and graphic deadlift socks. With an ever expanding range of products and brands, we are truly confident that we have something for everybody, whether you want to compete at powerlifting meets, or want to be the strongest person at the gym!

Besides offering the best products to increase your squat, bench press & deadlift, we also aim to offer a wealth of knowledge to help you get stronger. Our blog section provides useful tips and information to blow up all your lifts and get the most out of your powerlifting journey. The content in our strength blogs is written by coaches and athletes with years of experience at the highest level in their sports. They will help you improve your lifts, pick out the right strength equipment and stay injury free.

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